Mission Statement

The Sport & Social Club (ASSC) creates a better community for adults to live, play, work and connect.  We provide the largest, most organized and FUN outlet of co-ed sport leagues, tournaments, social events and classes in the cities where we play.  We connect people of all ability levels to play actively together while providing them with superior customer service through our full time staff.

The Sport & Social Club is very excited to announce it's newest location, the Avalon Sport & Social Club, operating around the St. John's Metro Area.  Launching in Mid-Summer 2021, the Avalon Sport & Social Club offers a variety of sports leagues and social activities for those 19 years of age and older.


Sport & Social


ASSC provides adult co-ed, recreational sports leagues, tournaments, and social events for active people aged 19+.  These leagues are a great way to get exercise, meet friends, expand your social circle, or learn a new sport!  The leagues run year-round with three distinct seasons: Fall, Winter, and Sprummer (spring/summer).  Check back every season to see which new and exciting sports we are adding to our line-up!

  • Multi-sport umbrella: 5 sports under one league roof (and growing!)
  • Coming Soon! Tournaments in various sports
  • All sports are co-ed (minimum #’s of men/women playing at all times)
  • All sports are self-officiated (no referees or score keepers)
  • Unique Spirit Point system to ensure good sportsmanship, fairness, and respect for your teammate and opponents
  • All sports are first and foremost for FUN!
  • Registration flexibility! Sign up as:
    o   A full team
    o   An individual – We will place you on a team with other individuals
    o   An individual with a few friends – We will place you and your friends on the same team with other individuals


Are you new to the city?  Are you looking to make new friends and expand your social network?  Then ASSC is the place for you!  

When you sign up with ASSC, you automatically become a member of the club!  This entitles you to the many added-value benefits and perks from our growing list of sponsors and the opportunity to take part in all of our fun sports and social events!

  • Social Events –  Kitchen Parties, Shed Parties, Lobster Dinners, Craft Beer Tastings, and more!
  • Wrap Parties – At the end of every season we have a celebration party attended by many members!  Winners of the leagues get t-shirts and trophies and there are plenty of prizes to be given away!

ASSC Core Values