Sports Offered

Fall 2021

Hello St. John's!  We are so excited to finally launch right here on The Rock!  The Avalon Sport & Social Club joins a family of other Sport & Social Clubs (SSC) across Canada, and a group of more than 20,000 players who get active each week in SSC activities! 

So get ready for fun, new experiences and a whole lot of co-ed, adult sports and recreation experiences!  We always put the social in Sport & Social, and emphasize not only fun game play, but the importance of hitting up a local restaurant or brewery after the game.  In the end, the time spent together after the game, is just as important as the game itself! 

Here at the Avalon Sport & Social Club, we care about the well-being of our community.  We are committed to leading by example as per the health and safety guidelines provided by the Public Health Agency of Canada and our provincial government. Over the past year we have made modifications to all leagues by introducing new COVID-19 modifications and sport rules to keep you safe.  You can read more about our Safe Return to Play Protocol & Guidelines here.

REGISTRATION DEADLINE: Friday, October 22 @ Midnight

Click here to read our COVID-19 Registration Assurance Policy.  You can also click here to read our entire Registration, Credit & Refund Policy so you have a good understanding of conditions before signing-up to play.


There are three ways to register… A full team, as a group of friends, or as an individual!

Still have questions?  Hit us up on social media, slide into our DM's or tag us in your team photos.  We're on Instagram @avalonssc and searchable on Facebook pages too!